Friday, May 28, 2010

Inside of me a forest grew.
Its trees kept calling: come in , come in
I saw a path and I followed it.
Suddenly, I was running on my four legs.
My fur was soft.
I saw my own soul.


Fragments of Brazil III - My Corner in the World

The city is 'Passo Fundo' and this is what I see from my apartment window. This is my city life in Southern Brazil.

Just outside Passo Fundo, there is the beautiful countryside on the Middle Plateau. That´s where my heart loves to be.

Simple country flowers. Nobody plants them. They just grow out of the grass.

Araucaria - the coniferous tree that´s a symbol of the Plateau

A beautiful neighbor: 'Quero-quero' - another symbol of the South

A hammock and late afternoon - good combination

Ah, the waters of my life...