Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fragments of Brazil - Part I - Origins

Ok, my turn to post photos here. My fellow blogger Vincent said he´d like to visit Brazil, so I decided to post some photos of 'my' Brazil. The Brazil I grew up in and the parts I love to visit. I´ll be posting them in three parts. Part I is called 'origins' and shows the place I come from and that runs in my veins.  Part II is called 'dreams' and will show places in Brazil I love to visit, and Part III is called 'my corner in the world' and will show the place I live now and where I belong as well.


 The surroundings of Pelotas in the Southernmost tip of Brazil. I took that picture on my way to the Uruguayan border, for an afternoon trip. Those fields are part of what´s called Pampa : they´re flat and endless.

The Uruguayan border. Portuñol or Portunhol  ( a hybrid of Portuguese and Spanish) is spoken here.

Going the other way, towards the Atlantic ocean, you can find a Lagoon complex, divided into the Patos (the biggest one), The Mirim and The Mangueira Lagoons. That photo shows the Laranjal beach, on the Patos Lagoon.

This is a famous shipwreck on Cassino Beach, in the Atlantic Ocean. The water is cold and the wind is heavy.

My own view of another part of the Patos Lagoon. This time in the city of Rio Grande.

The Lagoon receives many visitors: sea lions, penguins and dolphins.

I realized I cannot talk about origins without including these two amazing men: my brothers.